Travelling abroad? Roam free with Matrix mobile connection

November 9, 2009

Matrix enables Indian travelers to roam the world and stay connected smartly. Reduce your international roaming bills by almost 60% with a country-specific mobile number. Enjoy lower call rates, free incoming calls and seamless connectivity when traveling abroad.

Renting out a Matrix post-paid connection gives you the best communication flexibility, whether you are traveling on business or leisure. Get convenient mobile solutions vis-à-vis international roaming, calling cards, phone cards or pre-paid cards.

Benefits of Matrix post-paid SIM cards

  • Get a local country-specific mobile number before travel
  • 60 % cheaper as compared to using an Indian mobile number abroad
  • Free incoming calls in most countries
  • Better than using pre-paid / calling cards
  • Stay connected the moment you land
  • Payment in Indian Rupees

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Experience the world of seamless connectivity with Matrix

October 26, 2009

Matrix Platinum Credit Card offers mobile phone, and 3G data services for international travelers.


With country-specific mobile connections by Matrix, you get:

* Up to 60% savings on international roaming bills
* Free incoming calls in most of the countries
* Convenience of carrying a local mobile number abroad
* Billing in Indian rupees
* Delivery anywhere in India
* 24×7, round the year, Matrix customer care toll-free helpline

Value for Money

With Matrix 3G Data Card, connectivity costs less, and happens anywhere.

* 70% cheaper than other Indian data cards
* Connect to the Internet at broadband speeds of up to 1.8 mbps
* Sleek, space-saving design makes it travel-friendly

Business as usual

Matrix also offers a full range of voice and data communication solutions that are tailored to fit the particular needs of your business with your personalized account manager.

Student Solutions

Getting a post-paid mobile connection abroad could be a nightmare for students. Don’t end up paying huge deposits for a local SIM card. Prepaid SIM cards are also inconvenient. Avoid all hassles!

Please call the Concierge on 6601 6660# to avail special offers on your Matrix Platinum Credit Card.

* Terms and conditions apply.

# Available in all cities with Deutsche Bank branches except Gurgaon / Noida where you need to prefix 011. If dialing from any city (other than where DB has a branch), please prefix the STD code for Mumbai (022). If dialing from any location other than India, please prefix +91 22 before dialing.

Mobile connection offers for students going to UK / US

October 5, 2009

Acquiring a post-paid mobile connection abroad is a nightmare since you require a credit history or else, you end up paying large deposits. Get a Matrix student post-paid mobile connection instead. It is more convenient to use than any other mobile connection available abroad and we offer customized tariff plans for students going abroad.

USA: Free mobile phone & unlimited free minutes. Range of tariff plans to choose from.

UK: Deals starting from £4.99 where you get free Talk time for £18. Call India at 24 pence/minute from your mobile. Other plans also available.

Features of a Matrix student mobile connection:

  • Get the mobile number before you leave
  • Post-paid mobile connection
  • Better than any other pre/post-paid mobile connection
  • Pay in Indian rupees
  • 24X7 Customer Care

Do you Matrix when abroad?

The smarter way to stay connected

Call: +91 53222 32222,

Toll-free: 1800 11 1500

(Only from BSNL/MTNL landlines)


Student post-paid mobile connections are also available for France, Germany and Singapore.

Smart way to get connected

September 18, 2009

Country specific SIM cards-

  • Save upto 60% on your international roaming bills.
  • Free* incoming calls
  • Local post-paid mobile connection
  • Get mobile number before departure
  • Payment in Indian rupees

Student mobile solutions-

  • Post-paid local mobile solution for UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore
  • Free* incoming calls
  • Free minutes for talk time
  • Excellent tariff plan for the student
  • Payment in Indian rupees

Global 3G data card-

  • Cost effective: 90% cheaper than using Indian GSM data cards abroad
  • Convenience: Freedom to connect anytime, anywhere
  • 3G connectivity: Excellent network and coverage
  • Pay in Indian rupees
  • Obtain the data card before departure

* Conditions Apply


September 8, 2009

In the present era, we cannot imagine a world without telephone calls, fax, e-mails, text messaging and even video calling. As technology becoming superior day by day, the means of communication that we are using make it possible for us to send instant messages back and forth. Any form of transmission, emission, or reception of signs, signals, writings, images, sounds, or information by means of wire, radio, visual, or other electromagnetic systems for communication purposes is known as Telecommunication or Telecom. Wireless, landline, cellular phones, cable, satellite phones, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and the Internet are the modern forms of telecom. TV, Radio and networks are some most common and well known examples of telecom.

Telecom systems consist of three fundamental elements:

  1. Transmitter: It takes information and converts it to a signal
  2. Transmission medium: It carries the signal
  3. Receiver: It receives the signal and converts it back into usable form

BCCL invests in roaming solution provider Matrix

August 24, 2009

Bennett, Coleman and Co Ltd has invested in global roaming solution provider Matrix Cellular Services Pvt Lts. Matrix provides country specific mobile SIM card and global data cards to international travelers, enabling them to make significant saving on telecom cost.

Recently, matrix Cellular has introduced 3G global USB data card offering high speed internet access which in turn enable corporate traveler’s easy access to corporate applications anytime, anywhere without needing fixed-line, connection cables or infra-red.

In India Matrix have offices in over twelve cities and offers mobile connections for over 30 countries. Other than India, matrix provides global roaming solutions to customer abroad in US, UK, and Singapore, where it has tie-ups with AT and T, Vodafone and Singtel receptively.

Special offer for American Express Platinum card members

August 10, 2009

American Express Platinum card members travelling to U.K. can get a Rent Free U.K. SIM card for two months and enjoy preferred rates to call India.

And every member using a Matrix U.S. SIM card can avail 100 minutes of free local talk time, per trip.

You, also get to enjoy an additional 100 minutes of free calls to another Matrix U.S. mobile.
Plus, Get € 10 off on hire charges with a Matrix Global 3G Data card

Benefits of Matrix 3G Global data card
Unlimited data usage with Matrix US data card
60% cheaper than using Indian data cards abroad
Convenience: Freedom to connect anytime, anywhere
3G connectivity
Pay in Indian Rupees

Benefits of Matrix UK / US SIM cards
Local U.K. or U.S. mobile number
Enjoy free talk time in U.S. & rent-free SIM in U.K.
Save up to 60% on international roaming expenses
Collect the number before departure
24×7 customer care

SIM Cards

July 28, 2009

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a smart chip card that is placed under the battery of a SIM based cell phone. It is called the digital brain of a mobile phone and works similar to a computer hard disk. SIM Cards contain microprocessor chip that stores information pertaining to your account and phone number. It identifies the network and gives you the telephone number. Your mobile handset gets activated only when you insert a SIM card. This strangely small memory chip holds plenty of information including personal identification information, phone numbers, text messages and more. SIM Cards can store data such as telephone contacts, network provider and various other value added services. So when you insert your SIM card in a new mobile handset, you can avail the same information and services that were available to you on your previous mobile phone.

Features of Matrix SIM Cards for UK

July 13, 2009

Matrix SIM Cards for UK have the following features:

  • Savings up to 60% on international roaming costs
  • Stay connected; at local call rates
  • Have your new UK telephone number before you travel
  • Receive all incoming calls for free
  • Bill payment in Indian Rupees
  • Great customer service
  • Round-the-clock customer support service

Worries about bill payment are over

June 30, 2009

Worries about bill payment are over. Matrix bill payments can be made through:

ECS (Electronics Clearance System)

  • Call up customer care (9811188888) and get the ECS form at your desktop.
  • Fill the form, dully signed and stamped from your bank and return it in the envelope provided to ypu, along with a cancelled cheque from your account.
  • Once we receive the necessary documentation, the bill amount will be automatically charged to your bank account every month.

SI (Standard Instruction)

  • Call up customer care (9811188888) and get the SI form at your desktop.
  • Fill up the form, dully signed and stamped from your bank and return it in the envelope provided to you, along with a cancelled cheque from your account.
  • Once we receive the necessary documentation, the bill amount will be automatically charged to your credit card every month.

Payment collection

  • To have payment collected from your desktop, just dial 9999888850 (Standard call charges apply)